Our Company

As January 2013, we have officially renamed it as "LHT GPac™". Headquartered in Singapore and is wholly owned by LHT Holdings Limited -
a public-listed company in Singapore with more than 30 over year of experiences in making pallet.


With the know-how from it parent company LHT Holdings, the GPac™ Pallets were re-engineered to be better, rigid and lighter in its performance.

Compliant with ISPM 15 and no heat treatment and fumigation require.


LHT GPac™ specialize in the development and manufacturing of eco-friendly biodegradable products for varied industries and applications


LHT GPac™ provide innovative solutions to growing environmental concerns and improve your cost competitiveness and credit merit to carbon footprint and green manufacturing

Our Other Business

All types of wood & plastic pallets - www.lht.com.sg


Leasing of ECR wooden pallet (pallet rental mainly for FMCG industry) - www.ecrpallet.com


Green Doors & Green Flooring (door & flooring make from recycled material) - www.greenflo.com


Innovative Process Product Conversion (IPPC) pallet, boxes & crates (ISPM 15 compliant, no heat-treat or no fumigation require) - www.ippcpallet.com

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

"Deforestation is a major cause to climate change in global warming.
LHT GPac™ Pallets are made from wood waste material without cutting a single tree during it's manufacturing process.
A green pallet for green packaging which is a substantial in lower carbon footprint"