Comparison of GPac™ Pallet Vs Wood Pallet and its advantages and disadvantages

GPac™ Pallet, is green pallet for green packaging, the most convenience to move your products anywhere and anytime around the world lauded for innovation, space storage, nailless and green practices.



GPac™ Pallet Wood Pallet
1. GPac Pallet is made of process wood. Which is exempted and compliance to ISPM 15   Require to be heat treated (HT). Accordance to the ISPM - 15 requirement with specific time-temperature schedule that achieves a minimum temperature of 56 degree celsius for a min. of 30 continuous minutes.
  *Stackable, nestable, rackable   *Stackable & rackable but not nestable
2. Nil - No bark   Removal of bark is to be applied in additional to above treatment.
3. No requirement for HT paper ­ exempted ISPM15 IPPC Mark and lot ID control are stenciled onto pallets. Proper filing & documentation required for HT ­ require by ISPM15
4. 100% Eco-friendly biodegradable products   Higher carbon footprint resulted to heat treated pallet
5. Supply – reliable as it’s made from waste wood material Not constant, due to fluctuation causes by natural disaster like flood, tsunami, monsoon which destroyed the forestry
6. Pallet Weight - consistent as it’s machine made Not consistent and subject to mixed hard wood density
7. Pallet Quality - consistent in batches   Not consistent and subject to mixed hard wood texture
8. No Nail   Require nail on holding strength - Depend on wood species
9. Chemical and pest resistant   Possibility insect infestation due to humidity and low light
10. Low moisture content and higher fire resistance   High water resistant. Low fire resistant